Saturday, May 12, 2012

WB Garden Tour 5/19/2012

The Wells Branch Garden Guild invites the community (and your friends) to join in a tour of gardens in the area. The garden tour will begin at the Wells Branch Community Gardens around 9 am. We will spend 20-30 minutes at each garden on the tour and finish up at the WB Homestead in the park to see the results of our plantings in April and maybe sit in the shade a bit and discuss the gardens. The gardens include vegetable and flower, shade and sun, drought treatments, community and demonstration gardens.
  • A.       9 am WB Community Gardens at Town Hill and Single Trace
  • B.       9:35 Don Harrell - 14533 Donald Drive
  • C.       9:50 Eleanor Brooks - 14535 Donald Drive
  • D.      10:10 Heather Johnson--15209 Mallard Green Lane
  • E.       10:35  Laurie Childers--2436 Rick Whinery
  • F.        11 am Dianne Koehler--14909 Alpha Collier Dr
  • G.      11:25 Rachel Lebansky--14904 Yellowleaf Trail
  • H.      11:50  Steve  Weikal- Karen Nunely--2333 Klattenhoff Drive
  • I.         12:15  Wells Branch Homestead 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

Garden tour map

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