Sunday, June 19, 2011

cabbages and bee baths

The cabbage continue to get bigger even with the temperatures over 101 every day. They are making little cabbages at the leaf junctions so I cut the top head and some of the huge leaves. I want to make more cabbage rolls and slaw but found some of the bottom leaves have created little water wells--bee baths to be precise. Coming into the garden around 6pm there were dozens of bees under and around the cabbages landing on the leaves and taking a sip from the water that accumulated in the leaves. If I had laid soakers, I never would have created these havens for the bees.

The  purple basil is going to see and blooming like crazy right next to the cabbage providing lots of spots for the bees in addition to the cosmos on the other side. Here's hoping they keep coming.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Growing the monster red/purple cabbage in Texas

This has been one of the most interesting vegetables to grow in the garden.When I was a teen we grew Brussels Sprouts and they really got our attention although I do not remember them doing really well. I put the cabbages into the front yard garden and used the square foot garden spacing--a foot apart but they have been WAY TOO close!
They spread out so that two feet on centers would have been close enough! They have attracted a lot of attention though as my neighbors walk by and monitor their progress. The weather this year has gotten far too hot for them but I have managed to bring all four of them to a harvest-able size. Never did I expect them to get this large!  The inner head is not so big, maybe a pound or so but each leaf junction is making tiny heads too so I'll keep babying them along as long as possible to get those to grow too.
We made stuffed cabbage rolls with the first leaves and will have more in a few days. The chard growing around the border of the cabbage is thriving too and giving us many meals.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wells Branch Garden Tour this Saturday

Wells Branch Garden Tour!!
June 4, 2011 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
We will meet at the first garden on the list and spend approximately 20 minutes at each garden, have some discussions and either walk and/or carpool to the next garden location. **Open to everyone!**
 Order of garden tour:

1.      Patsy Nelson-Farmer      2302 Rick Whinery Dr.

2.      Tara Fisher-Muñoz         2300 Rick Whinery Dr.

3.     Mona Speranza                2102 Nathan Dr.

4.     Mari Noga                         2027 Cervin

5.     Dianne Koehler                 14909 Alpha Collier

6.     Kathleen Clark                  2209 Quiet Wood Dr.

7.     George Holcombe            14900 Yellow Leaf

We will have some refreshments and mingling at George’s garden! Please join us for this fun Wells Branch Garden Tour!!