Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mystery plant identified

I thought I was being so clever amending my soil after the broccoli was finished with my own wonderful compost. It was hot all winter and really looked perfect for digging in. (It is working great!) I transplanted the eggplant in a square then added okra seeds in a cross and the middle. Apparently none came up but these beautiful plants did.
At first they looked like okra until they had tendrils. They were so healthy I left them and got okra that was already in 6 packs and added cages and a triangle trellis to support the vines . My next guess was cucumbers as the leaves early on were not too big or dissimilar to the ones I have out back but as they bloomed and began to set fruit the mystery is solved--cantaloupe! we ate a lot of it last fall and threw the seeds into the compost along with their rinds. What a wonderful present for us as we really like it. this is the only way we have grown it too--mystery surprise. Guess I should screen the compost but then look what I would have missed out on.

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