Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunflowers are living birdfeeders

Little did I know when I planted a few sunflowers for the bees and butterflies that I'd be attracting a whole flock of tiny birds too. I have been told this is a house wren munching on the seeds. I have sighted several differnt birds about the same size but distinctly different. The great thing is the branches of the sunflowers won't support the weight of the larger birds so these little guys get something to eat. I have set up a bird bath of sorts under the tree which is a work in progress. 
I tried something new with the bees and they seem to like it. I added a large piece of the landscape mulch to the tray so they could land on it. It gives them a place that is wet without falling in as this one had vertical sides unlike the other saucer. They still prefer wet leaves but sure cluster on the wood every morning and evening.  My guess is that we have a couple dozen around the garden at any time. Some of the lantana is blooming, in addition to the salvia, vincas, and the ruellia. Seeing the bees wiggle down into the ruellia blooms was funny to watch. The bumble bees don't fit but sure tried. 
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A walk through our summer garden in July

Our garden out in the front has been a great experiment and a joy to sit in the chairs and enjoy it. I am not missing the grass and looking forward to taking out another large swath of it this fall/winter. The soaker hoses are really helping to keep the water in the plants root area and not just evaporating.