Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flowers in the drought and more bees

It was a really good idea to create the front garden and fill it with lots of perennials that take less water (when established) but it has been a great deal more work than I thought it would be last February. I really did not count on the drought. I broke down in July and bought soaker hoses for the beds which are great for getting water out to the roots and let me get other things done instead of standing and watering for an hour every morning. Adding vegetables to the front has also added interesting visuals and the front is doing so much better than the back garden.  I think this is because of the tree's invasive roots. 

I expanded the veggie bed out front again and have quite a number of brassicas in there: cauliflower, red and green cabbage, broccoli and purple kohl rabi. I did put a couple dozen spinach transplants in there too with a few radishes. Basil is still thriving and finally the habenero peppers are setting and the red cherry ones are ripening. Okra is played out after the cold the last week but we got quite a number of them every few days. I thought eggplant was a hot weather crop but these have been much happier since it is cooler.  

speaking of bees, I am still seeing bees in the "fountain" I set up for them and flitting between the various plants. They seem a little slower now but are still flitting around most of the day.

Finally the garden out back is doing well. Lots of fall green beans, tomatoes, peppers--both hot and mild, and eggplant. The malabar spinach was a real disappointment as was the sweet potatoes. Still, I am glad to have a garden and fresh veggies almost every week. Already I am planning for next spring!