Saturday, June 19, 2010

May and the plants are thriving

I keep thinking that the garden is going to thrive any day but all I am getting is greens. I found and installed a pump for the rain barrels not on the PVC system. It was only $9.95 at Harbor Freight and works well. It does need its handle permanently attached. I haven't had to use any water other than rain so far this year.

I was out in the garden peeking around and have about a dozen little eggplants on the plant I wintered over in the greenhouse.  It has been blooming for a week or so but the hot weather this week "bore fruit." The two new plants also look like they are going to set. So exciting! Now if the
tomatoes will put on more and ripen.....
I am really having issues with the bugs this year--some kind of mite. Suddenly I have Asparagus coming up so I am going to baby it. Only 2 of the 5 roots of Raspberries have leafed out. I am tending the others but don't hold much hope.