Monday, March 14, 2011

Using software to plan the plantings

I have been trying out some of the limited time free software on the web to plan where different plants are going in the vegetable bed. I tried this on paper last year and soon lost interest. The place I tried out is It has been easy to use and required almost no helps to get the areas set up and plants put onto the screen. I did have to measure all my beds and they are a bit smaller than I thought. It does not allow for intensive spacing so I just used areas to cover where multiple plants are.
I have also been using the site to log every planting and its progress and really appreciate the ease of use of that one and the information within the site. I have quite a few plants and have raised almost all of them from seed. It is my hope that keeping detailed logs this year will give us a better idea what is working and what to avoid or change. Keeping track of the variety on the peppers and tomatoes should help too. I already decided that  the carrots grown in tubs could be much longer than the ones in the ground. 

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