Friday, January 28, 2011

Tim Pfluger's suggestions for natural or organic addiments for the garden. While he was discussing the fruit trees, he made lots of comments on soil amendments too. These are ideal for our soils in Wells Branch. Some of the ones to look for and how to use them:
  • green sand- this is the sand created 1000s of years ago when Texas was under water. It is mined out near Fredricksburg and is rich in iron and micro-nutrients. He uses it mixed with compost, soil, and bone for transplanting trees and in gardens.
  • compost- great stuff recommended by everyone and available at the MUD or nurseries.
  • Ladybug flower power fertilizer has turkey manure as a component.
  • TX tea and Medina Grow green were also recommended.
  • Cottonseed meal is a great acidifier for soil. It has some very fine material and some coarser that breaks down over time. 

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