Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wells Branch Gardening group discusses soil sampling and planting with native plants

Having 2 guest speakers worked well for the group to get information on how to do their soil samples and where to send them. Janet Church even brought the sampling bags and applications to submit them. She had information about sending samples for organic sampling as well. Apparently A&M not only does the sampling but sends a list of recommendations on what to do to correct deficiencies. 

Shelley Palmer brought a number of booklets to help homeowners plan the kind of landscaping they would like to install and information on a grant from the city that defrays the cost of implementing the change from turf to less thirst landscaping. Catch is that you have to remove 500 or more sq ft to qualify. At $20-30 per 100 sq ft plus the water savings it is something I certainly am considering. I wish we had known about this before we converted the side yard to a wandering walk this spring and put in the 2 walks in the backyard with just borders to water. Tripling the perennial bed out front too would have been to include in this type of project. To check the program out go to: City landscape program
Next month we'll meet to discuss landscape plans and winter plantings. 


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  2. Use the links to the left to agrilife soil sampling. you have to do the samples and mail them off. Janet says it does not take too long at this time of year. This method is recommended over the tester available at the home improvement stores. Come meet with us next month.

  3. Thank you, Dianne! I'll be sending in the Urban / Homeowner Soil Sample form. Really appreciate it. And I'd love to come meet you all!

  4. Next meeting is this Saturday at 12 Noon. See above left.