Friday, September 3, 2010

Revising the beds in September

This week George came into the house and looked so sad. The spider-mites have attacked all the marigolds in the front garden and even with spray, we are not winning. The tree is giving this garden too much shade so it needed a makeover badly but its been too hot and dry to attempt it before. 

Today it rained about 1/4" so I pulled out the sick marigolds and began to move plants around. We have lots of liriope along the walkway and in the back garden and it is blooming with pretty little white and purple spikes. I put some bunches here and there then pulled out some of the Aspidistra plants I had on the front porch with their pretty white blooms and added them. Lastly a few more blue salvia and a couple of the Laura Bush petunias and the bed does not look half bad. I guess I should have taken a "before" but it was way too sad!
The area down the side of the garage with the new walk way does look beautiful. I moved a few of the Red tropical sage from the front walk where they are dwarfing the blue salvia to along the garage wall behind the liriope. The marigolds over here are still holding on. Of course the crepe myrtles are thriving and dropping seeds everywhere. Turns out to be good mulch under the plants.

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